Belly Dance at Any Size’s top 10 posts of 2016

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Another year has come and gone and the end of 2016 marked the end of Belly Dance at Any Size’s third year! It was a great year for the site, despite the crazy upheaval in my life due to my move to France, and I am eternally grateful to all of my writers, both contributors and guest bloggers, for helping to make the site the amazing resource that it is. They’re the heart and soul of this site!

As a way to look back on the the year and reflect upon what we have accomplished, I have pulled together a list of the 10 most popular posts that were published on Belly Dance at Any Size in 2016.

Belly Dance, Jealousy, and Gossip

1. Belly dance, jealousy and gossip

By Sophia Ravenna, Contributor

Sophia tackles the hard (and oh so relevant) topic of jealous and gossip within the belly dance community and gives great advice on how to be a beacon of kindness within your belly dance community.

The body remembers - belly dancing after trauma

2. The body remembers: Belly dancing after trauma

By Heather Jayne, Guest Blogger

Heather tackles the tough subject of trauma and how belly dance is helping her heal from trauma and cope with mental illness.

Dancing the Line Between Self-esteem and Ego

3. Dancing the line between self-esteem and ego

By Sophia Ravenna, Contributor

Sophia provides several tips on how you can stay at a healthy level of self-esteem and keep your ego in check.

Be the leaf! Letting go of awkwardness in belly dance.

4. Be the leaf! Letting go of awkwardness in belly dance

By Mariana, Guest Blogger

Mariana discusses the awkwardness of the new belly dancer and how to not let the fear of feeling awkward hold anyone back from trying new things in belly dance.

Belly Dancing for the Public

5. Belly dancing for the public

By Melissa, Contributor

Melissa explores what it’s like to be a plus size belly dancer in front of different kinds of audiences.

A Belly Dance Teacher’s Promise

6. A belly dance teacher’s promise

By Hayam, Contributor

Hayam shares a heart-felt open letter to her new belly dance students and promises to support them no matter what.

Belly Dance Events to Feel Welcome At

7. Belly dance events to feel welcome at

By Nizana, Guest Blogger

Nizana shares her list of belly dance events that she supports because they make everyone feel welcome, regardless of age, size, ability or anything else.

Belly dancing with chronic pain: A personal story

8. Belly dancing with chronic pain: A personal story

By Tracy, Contributor

Tracy opens up about what it’s like to be a belly dancer with chronic pain and how that affects her ability to belly dance.

2016 Holiday Shopping Guide for Belly Dancers

9. 2016 Holiday Shopping Guide for belly dancers

By Andalee, Contributor, Editor and Founder

This annual mega post is a great shopping guide that rounds up all of the best coupon codes and sales from belly dancer vendors around the world. (Note: most coupon codes have expired.) Be sure to visit the site each year right after Thanksgiving to get the season’s greatest belly dance deals.

Belly dancing on empty: Why you should eat before performing

10. Belly dancing on empty: Why you should eat before performing

By Hayam, Contributor

Hayam writes about how important it is to fuel up properly before performing belly dance.

And there you have it! Those were the most popular posts of 2016! I hope you’ll take the time to read each of these articles if you haven’t already. They offer poignant points of view and great advice.

What do you think? What was your favorite article from 2016? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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