A note from the publisher

Dear fellow belly dancer,

Belly Dance at Any Size is an online magazine intended to be a resource for building self-esteem and a positive body image for belly dancers. As a plus-sized belly dancer I’ve struggled with my weight and self-esteem. Until one day, a fellow belly dancer introduced me to Ragen Chastain, blogger at Dances with Fat. My whole perspective changed and I started to learn more about the Healthy at Every Size® approach. This was all quite a journey, especially considering that I’ve been in the public health field for 6 years and have been conditioned to believe that obesity is an epidemic and a killer.

Whether or not you agree with the obesity crisis is not the point. However, we can probably both agree on the fact that every person regardless of their shape, size or weight is worthy of respect and equality. You may also agree that the beauty standards of our culture are damaging to many members of society, especially young girls and women.

Add the wonderful and unique world of belly dance to the mix and we start to see a complex picture emerge. Belly dance has such a strong dichotomy between being this women-loving, body-positive sisterhood and being a cut-throat, marketing-driven competition for gigs and fame. Belly Dance at Any Size seeks to explore that polarity more.

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