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About DisaI’m single working mother living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I studied ballet for almost 20 years as well as modern dance, tap, hip hop, flamenco, and gymnastics. I stopped dancing in college right about the time I got married. After having a baby and going through a divorce, I found myself wanting to dance again but I no longer had a lithe 20 year old body and felt like there was nothing I could do to connect to that part of myself again. Just over a year ago, I discovered belly dance and it has been a wonderful journey for both myself and my 8 year old daughter, Willow. We’re both still belly babies so we’re on the newer end of the belly dance spectrum, but it has been wonderful so far. Not only is the dance form itself both challenging and cathartic-the belly dance community has been one of the most supportive communities I’ve ever belonged to.

In addition to dance, I also have a background in theatre and film. I don’t have much spare time but when I do have it, I enjoy screenwriting. My screenplay topics have varied from the paranormal to single parenting but they always have a strong female lead. One of my short screenplays placed 3rd in last year’s Utah Women in Film screenwriting competition. I have also started a collaboration with an artist to develop a comic book and a tarot deck.

My most recent screenplay project was in response to the death of one of my favorite characters in the Netflix series Daredevil. About the time I started that particular screenplay I somehow found myself directing a fan page on Twitter for Toby Leonard Moore, one of the actors from the Daredevil series. I’ve been lucky enough to interact with him quite a bit and we’ve done some charity work together which has been incredibly rewarding. I’ve also recently started podcasting with the director of another fan page and that has been a totally new and super fun experience. Most days will find me working hard to balance motherhood, work, dance, and fan group business with snatches of time during my lunchbreaks to work on my writing.

I should also take this time to admit (in case you haven’t already guessed) that I am a huge geek. I love attending comic conventions, reading comics, watching comic related movies and generally just nerding out over the very geekiest of subjects. My dream is to find a way to combine my love of comics and belly dance. I’m not sure how to accomplish this-but I’m determined! Feel free to come connect with me on social media for some fun discussions about belly dance, body image, and/or all the good geeky things.

You can find Andalee on:

Website: disadance.blogspot.com

Twitter: @kirstenbcaron@tobylmoorefans, and @devilsmadeus (Podcast)

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