About Mariana

Mariana is a belly dancer living in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys the artistic expression that belly dance provides. She is constantly seeking to grow as a dancer. Often traveling across the globe to seek unique instructors and participating in competitions. She also teaches belly dance, bollywood and Spanish Gyspy at Zamani World Dance in Bothell, Washington.

In addition to studying belly dance with multiple teachers over the years, Mariana has also trained in Spanish and Russian Gypsy dance, flamenco, bollywood, ballet and Latin dance styles. She often draws on inspiration from this varied dance background to create her own blend of fusion belly dance.

Mariana’s journey into belly dance came after an auto-bicycle accident, where she was left with limited mobility after being hit while riding her road bike. A friend suggested she try belly dance as a low impact exercise during her recovery. It wasn’t easy at first, but with determination and dedicated practice and patience she came to really enjoy belly dance.

She wants to share her experiences of growth and continued self improvement with others. In hopes of providing a source of comfort and inspiration to other dancers that may be experiencing similar issues.

Mariana frequently travels for dance and for her other endeavor as owner of beijosgitanos.com an online store offering globally sourced and unique artisan made treasures, also on Instagram: beijosgitanos

To keep up with her latest projects, class schedules, performance and workshops visit: marianabellydancenw.com.

You can find Mariana on:

Facebook: facebook.com/marianadancer

Instagram: marianabellydancenw

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