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Photo by Joseph Castelli of JLC Images

Photo by Joseph Castelli of JLC Images

Miriam had her first ballet dance lesson before she was 5 years old and began studying jazz dance soon after. High school and college saw continued dance experience along with involvement in acting, stage choreography, and theatrical makeup. Involvement in local Renaissance Festivals gave Miriam her initial contact with belly dancing.  This is where Miriam had her first direct contact, and her first informal lesson in the ancient art, which cemented her love for it. She began formal study of belly dance in 2004 and has never looked back. Drawn to the history and foundation movements of belly dance in it’s countries of origin she has looked toward Israel, Turkey, Armenia, Egypt, The Balkans, Greece, Syria, and other points in the Middle East for her education and inspiration.  Miriam’s personal style is a mix of Middle Eastern folkloric dance and ATS (American Tribal Style) and its many offshoots with a strong focus on giving the dance a historic feel.

Anka Kusu, the troupe that Miriam directs is a dream come true for her.  A small, tight knit group of musicians and dancers who consistently work together to create enjoyable, historically rich performances of Middle Eastern music and dance.  From the music they perform, to their costuming, to their style of dance, all the elements come together to form a performance that just might have stepped off the pages of long ago and far away.  Heavily involved in supporting their local belly dance community, members of the troupe can often be found frequenting area haflas and performances as well as the monthly belly dance night at local venue, Roxy and Dukes.  For more information about the troupe, where to see them and how to purchase their music, please take a look at their website www.ankakusu.net.

Miriam teaches open level classes in a beautiful studio in Highland Park, New Jersey.  Her classes are open enrollment and include warm-up exercises that help to isolate the muscles and body positions that are involved in executing the movements she teaches.  Designed to offer something for dancers at every level, whether they are brand new beginners or more advanced dancers who just want to get back to basics and work on their form and strength, the format ensures that each student gets some personal attention so that they can focus on working with their abilities and strengths while learning in a fun, supportive environment.

You can find Miriam on:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/106382541666

Tumblr: worldbym.tumblr.com

Website: www.ankakusu.net

Reach her by email: Miriam@ankakusu.net

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