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Photo by Bill Tricomi

Photo by Bill Tricomi

Tracy is not a professional dancer, but an enthusiastic amateur and devoted promoter of dance. Years of ballet and jazz classes in her youth gave way to experiments with tap, modern, Scottish country dance, and ballroom dancing. In 2003 she tried bellydance, partly as a way to better understand Middle Eastern cultures, but partly out of a yearning to move. Even before getting much of a handle on the unfamiliar movements, she became slightly obsessed with listening to more and more music from the region — and made some highly regrettable purchases early in her collecting days (can you say “Oum Kalthoum Dance Mix?”) She continues to hunt for music,
whether new or old, that produces the urge to express it in motion.

In 2005 she found herself becoming curious about how silk dance veils were dyed and and became slightly obsessed with that as well. She still creates and sells her hand-dyed Vashti Silks in her area and sometimes even remembers to update her dye blog.

After realizing in 2006 that students from the various dance studios in her hometown of Madison, WI, rarely communicated with one another, she and some friends established the Madison Bellydance Alliance, creating an online group to keep members up to date on local happenings and sponsoring a series of standing-room-only haflas.

Tracy continues to study dance with Mona N’wal and whatever workshop teachers wander through her area as well as performing occasionally at student dance nights. She sees herself dancing until she can’t move much anymore, and even then she’ll be zaghareeting from the front row.

You can find Tracy on:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tracy.benton

A Good Day to Dye: vashtisilks.wordpress.com

Madison Bellydance Alliance: madisonbellydance.org

Bhuz: www.bhuz.com/forum.php as tigerb

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