About Yasaman

yasaman-bio-picYasaman Vrd’dhi* is a professional performing dance artist in Maryland. She has performed for many different venues in and around Maryland for the past five years. Known for her dramatic and passionate performances, she is truly unique and unmistakable.

Yasaman began her study of Middle Eastern dance in 1997, already possessing a wide range of dance experience. With a background in modern dance, Native American tribal dance, hip-hop and martial arts, she began her study of Middle Eastern dance already well-grounded in the art of movement. She has been trained in four different styles of classical Middle Eastern dance by her long-term mentor Mina Aslan.

Yasaman started out as a Turkish and Classic-style belly dancer. Her unique art form has further evolved finding in fusion, a deeper, darker side of the expression of the divine soul of belly dance. Some forms of this type of belly dance are called; ATS, ITS, Tribal Fusion, Hip-Hop Fusion and Gothic Belly Dance (which Yasaman has studied and studies now). Yasaman’s training comes from many different avenues: private teachers, workshops, online classes, being  fed by the Divine Spirit and innately talented, and continual on-going self-training by the professional artist herself.

Yasaman is devoted to consistently training in various ways, including but not limited to: Suhaila’s format, taking workshops and online training under well-known professional dancers such as Sera Solstice, Mavi, and Asharah. Yasaman, as a Fusion-style belly dancer; she feels by fusing she can better express the art within her. Her dance style and movements have been called dark, mysterious, formidable, and like “a snake waiting to strike.”

Yasaman currentily studies with Edenia Archuleta, Ma’isah Devi and SpiritDancer Leene.

You can find Yasaman on:

Website: Wildbelly.wix.com/yasamanmadfusion
Annual Event website: Wildbelly.wix.com/darkshimmies
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MadFusion
Facebook store info page: www.facebook.com/pages/MAD-Dance-Designs
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/WildBellybellydance
Twitter: twitter.com/yasamansbelly
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=96767093&trk=tab_pro

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*Yasaman is a former contributor to the site. She no longer posts new content.