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About Dawn Devine (Davina)Hi Gang!

My name is Dawn Davina aka Davina, and I’ve been involved in the belly dance community scene since before the turn of the century. I started my professional career in belly dance in San Diego and danced in numerous restaurants, most of which, are unfortunately long gone! It was a time before the internet, and in order to buy a costume, you had to find a reputable dealer, make a pilgrimage to a large belly dance festival, or simple buckle down and make your own wardrobe. In this era, it was practically a rite of passage to make a belly dance costume for your first performance!  I taught workshops and classes on belly dance costuming to my friends, students, and colleagues, and those initial handouts became the basis of my first book “Costuming from the Hip” first released in 1993.  This book was a marriage between my “hobby” of belly dance and my profession as a theatrical costume maker.

I’ve been working in the costume industry since 1992, when I began work in the La Jolla Playhouse costume shop, putting my freshly honed skills from my BA in Visual Arts/Theater from University of California, San Diego to the test. After five seasons working with the talented team of costumers, drapers, tailors, and stitchers, I decided to get back to school, working on an MA in Art History at University of California, Davis. I did a year in the MFA program in Design as well, before decided to settle down, write a passel of books and open my own costuming business.

I am a plus-sized belly dancer, and I face the same difficulties of purchasing ready-made and all those challenges of acquiring beautiful well fitting garments on the new and used markets, so I HAD to turn to my own skills and devices to craft my own personal dance wardrobe. Over the past two decades, I’ve made thousands of costumes for dancers of every size and have sent them world-wide. Studio Davina is located in Silicon Valley, California, where I have assembled a team of talented sewists who work with me to make custom costumes for dancers of all sizes and styles. Currently we work primarily in assiut cloth, as that has been my research and design passion for the past 10 years.

But my main passion is sharing the knowledge of how to design, build and fit costumes at home. I’ve written more than a dozen books on belly dance costuming, and currently have six books in print on Amazon.com including my latest book “The Cloth of Egypt: All About Assiut” and my best selling “Embellished Bras: Basic Techniques.”

I am looking forward to inviting you into my studio to see what’s on the workbench and how it’s being made, because if I can do it, you can too!

Dawn Devine ~ Davina

Dawn Devine Books

Davina’s books

Dawn Devine ~ Davina currently has six books in print, available on her website, on Amazon.com and from specialty dealers from around the globe.

Davina’s Books on her Website – davina.us/blog/books

Davina’s Books on Amazon.com:
The Cloth of Egypt: All About Assiut: Assuit – Asyut – Tulle Bi Telli*

Embellished Bras*

Costuming from the Hip*

Bedlah, Baubles and Beads*

From Turban to Toe Ring*

Skirting the Issues and Pants for the Dance*

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