About Hayam

About HayamHayam is a professional Middle Eastern dance performer and instructor located in Central Massachusetts. She began her studies of Middle Eastern Dance in 2007 under the tutelage of her mentor and close friend, Basimah, of northern New York. Hayam quickly became a member of Basimah’s Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble (affectionately nicknamed “Basimah’s Habibis”) and her love of performing grew from there. Hayam has also studied under Shalimar of Connecticut and is a former member of Troupe Little Egypt. She is currently mentored by Basimah and is heavily influenced by the wealth of instructors throughout the New England area.

Hayam practices traditional Egyptian raqs sharqi and uses a technique stemming from the legendary Aegela of Ohio. Her movements are muscularly driven and focus more on control and quiet power instead of over-the-top drama. Hayam is known for her cheeky and flirtatious performances throughout New England. She brings a warmth and power to the stage that never fails to generate a spark between her and her audience. She believes that while proper technique is imperative, a connection with the audience and enjoyment of the dance are what make a truly exceptional performer.

Her desire to pass on her love of Middle Eastern Dance extends to her teaching, where she hopes to spread the joy, tranquility, and fun that dance has given her students. Hayam emphasizes belly dance technique based in modern dance anatomy and kinesiology to enable dancers to understand, strengthen and protect their bodies in order to enjoy a long-lasting, healthy dance career. While not dancing Hayam is pursuing her passion for medicine as a DVM candidate or chasing after her rambunctious toddler.

Hayam is dedicated to Health at Every Size and hopes to educate the public about how beautiful, healthy belly dancers can come in many different shapes, stages and ages. She enjoys writing about the challenges of motherhood and dance, as well as body acceptance and self love. She believes belly dance is truly an art form for every body.

You can find Hayam at hayamraqs.com.

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