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Melissa - BDAS ContributorBeing a teenager in the early 2000s, Melissa was  influenced by Shakira, like many in her generation. It was fascinating to watch her hips move in way so differently from the other pop stars. It wasn’t until the summer of 2005 when a trip to Bonnaroo ended up being a trip to meet a troupe of ATS dancers from a Tennessee. Melissa basically spent the entire three-day festival hanging out and dancing with those ladies. Unfortunately, she would have to wait at least a year before she was able to take classes, and then those classes only lasted for about a year and a half.

Starting in the fall of 2010, Melissa was able to settle into a routine and found a steady instructor until the present. Then, in January of 2013, she joined the Crescent Dancers, a professional dance troupe located in western Massachusetts.

Around that time, she started reading about Health at Every Size through Ragen Chastain’s website Dances with Fat. Through this philosophy, she has learned to accept her body as it is, a fat body that can do some pretty awesome things. She also hopes that she is able to spread some of the love to random women she meets at her job, working at a major clothing company.

Melissa currently studies with Sahina (sahinabellydance.com).

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Facebook: facebook.com/melcos

The Web: thecrescentdancers.com

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