How to add more coverage to your belly dance bra – Part 2

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Editor’s note: this is a two-part article written by guest blogger, Mao. This article is about the side of the cups. For Part 1 about the top of the cups, check it out here. Enjoy!

Hi everyone! This is Mao from SparklyBelly, and this is part 2 of how to add more coverage to your belly dance bra. In part 1, you saw 4 ways of adding coverage to the tops of bra cups. In this video and article, you will see 5 ways of covering up the extra flesh that might show up on the sides of the cups or shoulder straps.

Method 1. Add strips of matching fabric or beaded trim.

How to Add More Coverage to Your Belly Dance Bra Sides of Cups

Oriana, the author of the article that inspired me to make these videos, suggests this method for adding more coverage on the sides. Just like how we did for tops of the cups, you can take strips of matching fabric or trims and add them to where you want more coverage.

Method 2. Wear a cute bolero or Turkish vest.

Wear a cute bolero or Turkish vest.

Another great suggestion by Oriana. This is an easy, quick fix if you own one of these boleros or vest. If you don’t have one, you may have a short cardigan sweater in your closet. Put it on, and hold the front together with a broach or a flower.

Method 3. Make thick shoulder straps.

Make thick shoulder straps

I like the look of thick shoulder straps, because it is *like* wearing a vest, but it doesn’t completely cover your back like a vest does. Simply take thick grosgrain ribbon or cut interfacing into thick straps. Cover them with the fabric you want, and simply stitch them onto your costume.

My favorite thick shoulder straps look is one where the straps are attached to the bottom of the bra and the straps cover parts of the cups. They will give you more comfort and security.

Method 4. Add lace or chiffon pieces to the sides of the shoulder straps.

Add lace or chiffon pieces to the sides of the shoulder straps.

Sometimes adding extra fabric to your costume can make the whole look of the bra off balance or too heavy on fabric. Especially if you are a small dancer like me, you don’t want too much fabric covering you, or you can look like you are swimming in the fabric.

Use of light fabric such as lace or chiffon can give you the coverage you need without adding too much weight. This type of fabric is very flexible, so you can just cut strips, and stitch along the edge, or gather the fabric at different points and decorate them with beads or appliques.

Method 5. Try adding ruffle sleeves or ruffles on shoulder straps.

Try adding ruffle sleeves or ruffles on shoulder straps

This is not going to hide the side flesh completely, but when your arms are down, they give you coverage. This would work if the extra flesh tends to show up when your arms are down and disappear when you lift up your arms.

I made these ruffles using the same technique as one I show in the ruffles video. I made 2 long pieces of flowy ruffles, stitch them onto a piece of grosgrain ribbon. I attached one end to where the shoulder strap meets the bra cup, and attached the other end on the back of the side strap. If you have over-the-shoulder type, you can just attach the other end to the back side of the same shoulder strap. I think it’s a cute and unique look, when you don’t want to wear arm bands but want something pretty on your arm.

Or you can attach a strip of flowy ruffle on your shoulder strap like this one. You can make a wider strip to create a ruffle, and it gives you a flowy ruffles that give you extra coverage.

I hope these methods will help you make your costume comfortable. If you try any of these methods or have more ideas, please send them over to SparklyBelly’s Facebook page. Keep sparkling!

Mao is an aspiring professional belly dancer, costume designer and blogger at where you can get tips and ideas on how to make DIY belly dance costumes. Questions? Contact Mao at

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