Andalee’s Makeup Vlogging Challenge: Day 6

written by Andalee on August 23, 2016 in Beauty with no comments

I’m so tired, y’all, but I made it for day 6 of the makeup vlogging challenge! Just one more day to go! Check out day 1 here, day 2 here, day 3 here, day 4 here and day 5 here. You can also check out my inspiration from Davina here.

Today I decided to try a fun mermaid-inspired look. I didn’t go all out because, as I mentioned, I am so tired, but I think the makeup works. It would be better with a little more practice, and honestly I was rushing a bit, but it’s a fun look that I found on Pinterest.

Here’s the video:

No product reviews today, but I do talk about some places where you can get great makeup ideas and tips!

So check out the video and leave a comment below or feel free to ask me questions. Do you like today’s look? Have you tried any looks that you have found on Pinterest or YouTube?

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