Belly dance music for Holiday Haflas

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Marcia from NC dancing at the Morrisville Winterfest parade

Marcia from NC dancing at the Morrisville Winterfest parade

The season of holiday haflas is rapidly approaching, and with it comes the question of “What will I dance to?” Lots of dancers are happy to choose an English version of their favorite Christmas carol or holiday pop song, and there are many lovely choices, but what if you want music that’s a little more…well, belly dance?

There are actually some wonderful choices out there, and here are a few whole albums of music like that to consider:

“A Time of Peace” by Brothers of the Baladi*

“Christmas Rhythms of the Holy Land” by Desert Wind*

“Christmas Hymns” by Fairouz, Part 1* and Part 2 (Part 2 is not available on the U.S. amazon store)

“Christmas and Beyond” by Naser Musa*

“Allaturca Santa Alaturka Noel Baba” by Daghan Baydur

“The Nutcracker Suite Electronique” by Brete*

“Mazamir Holiday” by Upper Egypt Ensemble*

Oy to the World – Christmas music done Klezmer style

“Jayee Papa Noel” by Wafic Kel Eid’s

There are also some specific songs that if you can track them down would be great choices, like the version of “Jingle Bells” in Arabic by Sassine Abi Khalil or Loreena McKennitt’s Middle Eastern-influenced version of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.” There is also a remix of “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies” by Groove Gallery.

You can always think a little outside of the box too, and choose a song in Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, Egyptian, Syrian etc. that talks about family and spending time together. “Zamtari” is a song about winter and ancestors in which the Kolkheti Ensemble does a version of. One of my favorites of this sort of choice is a Hebrew song called “Yom Shishi.” It is actually talking about spending the Sabbath together celebrating with family, but it captures that “joyous holiday home with family” spirit that this season always makes me think of.

What ever you choose, and what ever you celebrate, I hope you enjoy dancing your way through the holidays!

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