Belly dancers of color: Najla Nefersitra

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Belly Dancers of Color: Najla

Najla Nefersitra

Editor’s note: It’s Black History Month and I thought that a great way to celebrate would be to feature belly dancers of color in our community. Our goal is to celebrate our differences and similarities in belly dance and I was curious as to how the belly dance experience is different (or the same) for dancers of color. If you’re interested in joining us for this month-long project, just contact me using the form at the bottom of the page.

The final dancer that we are featuring is Najla Nefersitra and her entry is brought to us by contributor, Yasaman Vrd’dhi. ~ Andalee

How a creative dancer was born

I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. My hometown is Randallstown MD. It’s the typical small town where there’s not a lot happening. You have to find things to do. My everyday job is a government internship and like all jobs, it pays the bills. However, I’m looking for a career that fits my passions like acting, dancing and travelling the world. Speaking of passions, belly dancing was brought into my life from a newspaper article given to me by my mother, sometime in my twenties. So, I started taking classes with Lotus Niraja while in my twenties.

I also took a variation of dance styles such as ballet, hip hop, tap, and modern dance as well. All the dance styles I learned were great; however I fell in LOVE with Belly dance. I don’t know how to describe it but it felt natural to continue my journey with belly dance at the helm.

Since I have been on the scene for a while, I have not encountered any issues as a dancer of color. I dance as a professional yet I do the best I can to stay positive, have a smile on my face and have fun.

Najla NefersitaMy belly dance style is fusion. I use jazz, ballet, modern and hip hop, as well as acting styles to express my inspirations from a movie, a song, a singer…anything. I just love creativity. This fits me because I love to portray a character through dance.

Belly dance being in my life has open huge doors. I am receiving opportunities to teach and dance locally and dance out of state. Also I am meeting such sweet and likeminded women. They have and are helping me grow into a better dancer.

You can follow me on my journey as I grow and fluoresce by going to my website. There you will see my creative side and a look into who I am as a dancer.

You can find more about Najla at

About Yasaman

Yasaman is a professional performing dance artist in Maryland. She performs for many different venues in and around Maryland and has done so for the past seven years. Known for her dramatic and passionate performances, she believes in creating on stage. Yasaman's dance style is a Fusion form and dance has been a part of her life for 19 years. Her study has been in Classic Middle Eastern dance, Fusion belly dance, hip hop, Modern dance, Native American dance and martial arts.