Videos of the Month: Belly Dancers of Color

written by Andalee on March 3, 2014 in Dancers of color and Videos of the Month with no comments

In honor of Black History Month, I asked readers to submit videos featuring their favorite belly dancers of color. Throughout the month we featured essays from African American belly dancers who shared their stories about what it is like to be a belly dancer of color. It has been a great month and let’s close it out with some awesome, inspiring videos of belly dancers of color!

Please note that the videos are in no particular order.

Nagham Al Hob submitted by Rachel

Dubstep Belly Dance submitted by Vrd’dhi

Comments: Yasaman Vrd’dhi Performing at Essex Day festival 2013, she performed Fusion Belly dance to Dubstep music, costume was completely designed by Yasaman as well.

Audie, Belly Dance at Roxy & Dukes submitted by Miriam

Comments: This is Audie performing at a monthly event that I produce – she’s such a lovely dancer, and an amazing teacher, our local belly dance community is blessed to have her as part of it!

Ahava cane dance submitted by Andalee

Comments: Ahava is one of my favorite contemporary oriental dancers. I picked this video because I am currently working on a cane dance for my students and it shows both her enchanting stage presence as well as excellent technique.

I hope you are truly inspired by these dynamic performances. Now, for March’s theme: Video tutorials for costumes or belly dance accessories. You can submit your videos here.

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