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Belly Dance at Any Size (BDAS) welcomes original articles and essays that delve into topics of body size, self-esteem, sisterhood, health, personal journeys, costuming, modesty and anything else that has to do with cultivating a positive body image as it relates to belly dance. The site is primarily targeted toward female belly dance hobbyists, but may also contain information for youth, male and transgendered belly dancers. This is a discrimination free zone.

There are two ways to participate in this journey: as a contributor or as a guest writer.

A contributor will submit two or more unique articles that will have a permanent home on BDAS. They will be featured on BDAS prominently and will get their own Contributor Profile page. Additionally, contributors will produce high-quality articles on a semi-regular basis (about once per quarter). Contributors will be eligible for payments or profit-sharing should the website generate income.

Guest writers are basically guest bloggers and will submit one unique article to be published on the blog portion of the website. Each guest writer will be able to submit a short bio, website link, and image, but will not have the same customization and promotional opportunities as contributors. All contributors and guest writers must abide by the BDAS manifesto and the submission guidelines.

Some of the features of BDAS are:

  • A listing of belly dance teachers who have “signed” the BDAS manifesto
  • Belly dance costuming resources for a variety of body shapes and sizes
  • A gallery featuring talented dancers of all shapes and sizes
  • Non-size/weight bias health information
  • Resources to additional information on HAES(R) and self-acceptance

I hope you will consider supporting this very special project by becoming a contributor, guest writer, visitor or even just sharing with a friend. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Submission guidelines

All articles must be unique and original. They may not be previously published on any media except for your personal website or blog. Likewise, once an article is published on this site, you may not publish it on any other media for a minimum of six months.  Articles must relate to the topic of belly dance and self-esteem, body image, health, wellness, size acceptance or costuming.

Articles may not discriminate against anyone for any reason. This site accepts all kinds of people. We seek to include. Articles that contain advice about dieting, have a tone of food- or exercise disordered thinking or “preach” a certain way of living will not be accepted. We’re not here to change people or ask them to “fix” their behaviors.

However, the occasional rant every now and again is certainly acceptable, but using a negative tone may be off-putting. Be careful that certain words or ideas may trigger emotional responses from readers. Sometimes this is good, because it helps people explore their feelings more. Other times though, it can send people into an emotional tailspin. Take care in your writing and tone. If your article is critical of any institution or circumstance, try to keep in mind that others may have had different experiences and that is OK, too.

If your article relies on any body of evidence to support your case, you must provide citations as footnotes (and links, if possible). We prefer primary sources, such as journal articles or books, rather than secondary sources, such as magazine or newspaper articles. However, we realize that a secondary source is often appropriate. Please use common sense when finding sources for your article.

Authors will not receive compensation for their submissions at this time. However, contributors will be eligible for payments or profit-sharing should the website generate income. We hope that you will submit articles despite this. Submitting an article will provide you with some publicity by way of SEO (links to your website), but most of all contributing to this site fosters good will among the community and provides you with an opportunity to share your story.

Articles may be edited for content or clarity. The editor may also fact-check, so be sure to cite your sources! Submitting an article does not guarantee publishing.

Anyone who submits ANY content, such as articles or photographs, to Belly Dance at Any Size grant us permission to keep the material on this site into perpetuity, and to make it available worldwide.

Image guidelines

We encourage image submissions with each article. You may submit a picture of yourself, along with any other image that relates to your article. Knowing whether or not you have the legal right to use an image is solely your responsibility. When in doubt, please ask either the photographer who took the picture or consult with someone who specializes in copyright law.

You may use Creative Commons licensed photos as long as you provide us with a link to the original source. Public domain images are also acceptable, provided you link to the original source. Please do not copy images from other websites, even if they may seem a like a legitimate source. Purchased stock photography is not acceptable.

Images should be large and will be sized down by BDAS when needed. When in doubt, bigger is better. Pictures that are blurry or too small will not be used.

Please use common sense when submitting photographs or graphics.

Contribute today!

Sorry, but this site is no longer being updated or monitored, therefore we are no longer accepting submissions. Thanks for your interest.