Curvy, mature and still sultry: Is it possible?

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Salome from Sidney, OH. Photo by New Realm Photography.

Salome from Sidney, OH. Photo by New Realm Photography.

As a curvy, mature belly dancer I have found that I’m now in an interesting yet gray area: Am I too mature and curvy to be considered sultry when I dance? That’s a tough question. I will be turning 50 years old/young later this year, and as such, it already comes with a boatload of stigmas. Being sultry in any form is one of the worst things, but being a curvy, mature dancer is a whole other section of the boat.

Let me explain further. When I say curvy and mature many people think frumpy and old. OK , maybe in my everyday, mundane life I do tend to be frumpy from time to time. But when I belly dance make no mistake there is no frumpy to me. I glam and sparkle as much as the younger dancers. As for the old, well, I might not be a spring chicken, but I can do some sassy mayas, figure-eights and belly rolls. Costuming can also be an issue, but I’m not going to pretend I’m in my 20’s or 30’s. I use a body suit and cover more than I would have a decade or two ago, but I still showoff my assets in a tasteful way. Choli’s are one of my favorite covers for my not-as-firm upper arms. Seeing myself, both my body and my spirit, in a more positive light is important.

For instance, a couple years ago I was in my vehicle parked downtown waiting for one of my kids to finish shopping, when a strange man approached my driver’s side window (scaring the bejesus out of me) and said, “Oh, I thought you were a belly dancer like your bumper sticker says.” Of course it was said in a sarcastic tone of voice. I looked this man in the eye and replied, ” I am.  We don’t all look like Barbara Eden in ‘I Dream of Jeanie’.” I believe my reply was enough to startle him, and hopefully open the “manners door” for this man. If I had not had the self-esteem and self-love that I do, this man’s words could have cut so deep that I might have taken them to heart and given up on one of my life’s passions: belly dancing.

I am a curvy and mature belly dancer and I own it! What about you? Are you curvy, mature or both? If so, honey own it! Work with it and realize that although you aren’t in your 20’s or 30’s, you’re still sultry and a more passionate dancer now than you were back then. I don’t care if you have been belly dancing since you were in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or 50’s. Own it and let your passion for belly dance shine through your every performance.

JoAnn dances by name Salome, is based in Sidney, OH. She and a couple friends have started their own dance troupe, The Jezzabells. They’re all curvy and mature.  She has been belly dancing for three years and she studies Classic Egyptian, Egyptian Fusion, Turkish and American Tribal Style belly dancing.  

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