December’s Question of the Month: What are your belly dance goals for 2014?

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We’ve already talked a little bit about my New Years resolution, but we haven’t talked much about concrete belly dance goals. It’s great to start the new year fresh with lots of enthusiasm and a new set of goals to keep you motivated! (Need help getting back into regular practice? Check out Miriam’s article here.) I usually start each new year with a short list of easily achievable dance goals that will last me the whole year. One year it was to perform with sagat. Another year, it was to choregraph a particular kind of solo. I also throw in fun goals like costume-making projects, music goals and such.

Here are my goals for 2014:

Dance specific goals

  1. Perform to my favorite Van Morrison song at an Undulation Nouveau event
  2. Get in shape enough to be able to survive a week at Aziza’s Dream Camp with Aziza and Bozenka (SQUEE!!!) – cardio, flexibility and strength will be needed
  3. Create a choreography to perform at Dream Camp and at other performance venues
  4. Create a simple Saidi cane choreography for my advanced belly dance students
  5. Create a belly dance fitness curriculum that I can market to gyms and dance studios
  6. Finally learn how to dance with Isis wings and continue to practice sagat

Dance related goals

  1. Finish my Paisley Pharaonic costume so that I can start working on a new costume, like my Firepot Dahlia costume
  2. Clean out my dance closet and sell/donate old costumes and costume items that I no longer use
  3. Work on my super secret projects. 😉
  4. Get a new set of belly dance head shots
  5. Study Middle Eastern drum rhythms
  6.  Continue to build my brand and my business for this site and my local belly dance business

That is a lot and I am sure there are lots more things that I could add to the list…and I am sure more will be added as the year goes on. The things that are most critical are getting in shape for the Aziza Dream Camp and creating a new solo choreography for myself. Everything else would be nice to do, and I sure hope to get to them all–especially now that I am working part time, I should be able to meet more goals than in years past, however, I am not sure they are critical.

Now, let’s see what our readers have to say about their goals for the year. I am so impressed with all of the thought and care that went into creating these goals. Some of these look rather tempting for me to adopt myself!

“My goals are to play my zills and doumbek at least once a month and as best I’m able continue to condition my dancer body not just in class but with dance video workouts and hula hooping!” ~ Leilani

“To perform in the shimmy mob. (already signed up), to improve my range of motion, and to learn more about the history of this dance from my teachers and research. That way I’ll have more confidence to join the performing troupe!” ~ Mary Pat

“Rehearse 1 hour a day. Promote my workshop offerings. Recruit and retain more students.” ~ Terri/Sadiya

“I’m working on Cardio — every year I choose one aspect of my dance ability to focus on improving. Last year I worked on my back flexibility (and finally did a layback I could be proud of in performance!) this year I want to be able to do more (longer) high energy pieces without running out of steam (and breath)… I continue to work on all sorts of things all the time, but I try to choose one thing to make my primary focus each year, it helps me not get overwhelmed by all the things I want to accomplish!” ~ Miriam

“I’d love to teach more workshops out of state, and I want to create 2 more DVDs!” ~ Sara Beaman

“My goals for 2014 are to devote more time to the art by practicing and performing (troupe and solo) more. I also plan to extend my knowledge of the dance by taking classes of different styles from different instructors including tribal fusion classes.

Off the studio floor, my goals are to continue to study rhythms, components of choreography, and how the mind and body work together. I also would like to extend my yoga practice to include meditation.” ~ Tonica

“Every year I always want to be better than the year before But it seems so difficult to attain. This year, I want to focus more on creating and less on administration, to believe in myself more and to be less critical of myself.” ~ Christine via Facebook

“To dance; to enjoy it; to do more of both this year than I did last year; to work on not making the “oh, darn it” face when I muck up.” ~ D’vorah Bint Da’ud via Facebook

“Enjoy belly dance like when I first started dancing.” ~ Dini via Facebook

“When I am dancing I want to look like I am enjoying it as much on the outside as the inside.” ~ Barbara via Facebook

“To learn history of dance; learn the basic dance moves; practice 5 times a week; enjoy the experience; and smile the entire time.” ~ Donna via Facebook

Wow! Aren’t you inspired and motivated? I sure am.

And with that, I am going to close the Question of the Month series. Thank you to everyone who has contributed by answering these questions. I think we learned a lot about each other. Now, it’s time to start a new series…Videos of the Month!

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