July’s Question of the Month: What do you like best about the belly dance community?

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There is no doubt that our belly dance community can be a very special thing. Whether you consider your community as large as all of the belly dancers in your metro area or as small as the two other dancers in your troupe, it is truly a unique thing and our bonds are like no other.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, of course. With any community there are inevitably issues; drama, gossip and the like. However, I argue that the good outweighs the bad–at least in my community. In the Triangle area of North Carolina we have a large belly dance community. There are haflas, open belly dance nights, meet-up groups, workshops and opportunities to be a part of troupes or associations.

We also have a lot a diversity of styles, body shapes, ages, races, and we even have a male dancer or two! It’s a microcosm of the larger belly dance community. I know belly dancers from all over the world thanks to the Internet and I have to say I know I am lucky to be in the community I am in.

How about those other communities? Let’s see what some of our readers had to say:

“I love the supportiveness and welcome I’m getting! My teacher comes to my house — I’m her first-ever student, so she’s using me to refine her teaching techniques (she’s wonderful, btw) — so I don’t have a whole class of folks with me, a whole culture. But when I post photos of myself practicing and dancing, on Facebook, a whole throng of belly dancers will cheer for me, because they simply accept me as one of them. Brand new to it, generously rounded body, and all, they simply think I’m great because I love the same form of dance that they do. :)” ~ D’vorah 

“How I have bonded with all the ladies that I have taught, danced with, or taken lessons from. Each lady has not only given to me part of “them” in friendship, but also all of the ladies have shown me a different view on being creative. Some of the ladies that I have danced with, I now consider my extended family.” ~ Brenda

“I love the fact that now since the internet there is so very much going on and so many dance choices availiable.” ~ Anna

“Diversity! The interpretation of the dance, the different styles and personalities, age, body size…You name it and there’s something for everyone to love!” ~ Tonica

What do you think? Leave your comments on what you’ve experienced in your belly dance community!

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