Being plus size is not a club it’s just my clothing size

written by Yasaman Vrd’dhi on May 4, 2015 in Plus size belly dancers with no comments
Being plus size is not a club it's just my clothing size

Yasaman Vrd’dhi. Photo by Stereo Vision Photography.

I have been plus sized half my life; I love myself as I am. I have been many different dress sizes and weight…so what? Somewhere people may have gotten it into their heads that when you are plus size you are in this sort of club…I have to say that’s not how it works, it’s not a club it’s my clothing size and so what if it is? I am not defined by my pant size, my dress size nor my bra size.

When you’re heavy, curvy, plus size, etc., people may think, “You should stop eating so much” Let’s face it that’s what most people are thinking. If you have ever been overweight or whatever,  you know that weight does not always come from “eating too much.” There are a lot of factors and everyone has a different body type–pure and simple. Which is why the BMI (Body Mass Index) is full of it. Everyone’s body is built differently and the BMI can not measure that with any scale. I checked into BMI a little more after I read a article recently,and one thing that I found funny was how they say your BMI is based on your height and weight, yet no other factors are included…so I take the BMI with a grain of salt and toss it over my shoulder.

As a belly dancer and a curvy woman I have gotten ridiculed and negativity from both plus size women and slim women. I had one woman say to me, “Why did you lose weight?” and then she proceeded to act as if I did something wrong, as if I needed to met a certain weight criteria or that if I lost weight then I must be doing it because I thought less of myself…the short reply would be, “No, I don’t.”

Photo by Stereo Vision Photography.

Photo by Stereo Vision Photography.

When I say being plus size is not a club, I’m saying I don’t need to prove myself to anyone. This is my body I don’t need your input as to what I should look like either way. In the dance world I was always treated differently because I am well endowed. Yeah go ahead and make it about my cleavage…so, ok what would you like for me to do here? Wear a sheet? Hide because you don’t like something about me?

To close, I want to say take me as I am or not at all. If I change over the years, that’s my business, because in the end my clothing size, my BMI, my thigh size tells you nothing of who I am as a person, nor does it tell you what I can do. Being yourself is the easy part; when you try being someone else is when it becomes hard.

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Yasaman is a professional performing dance artist in Maryland. She performs for many different venues in and around Maryland and has done so for the past seven years. Known for her dramatic and passionate performances, she believes in creating on stage. Yasaman's dance style is a Fusion form and dance has been a part of her life for 19 years. Her study has been in Classic Middle Eastern dance, Fusion belly dance, hip hop, Modern dance, Native American dance and martial arts.