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KelebekThis Belly Dance at Any Size Q & A features Kelebek. Kelebek is a Fantasy Fusion Belly Dance artist based in Southern New Jersey. She combines Hip hop, Classic Cabaret, and Modern Tribal Fusion with elements of fantasy. She’s Belly Dance at Any Size reader and newsletter subscriber who filled out the questionnaire. Don’t forget–If you subscribe to the monthly newsletter, you will have unique access to the Q & A questionnaire and you can be featured on Belly Dance at Any Size. Sign up for the newsletter here.

Primary style of dance: Fantasy Fusion Belly Dance

Favorite dancer(s): Belladonna, Sara Solstice, Kalaa, Artemis Mourat, Zoe Jakes, Jehan Kamal, Tempest

Number of years you’ve been a belly dancer: 8

Tell me about why you are involved in Belly Dance at Any Size?

Growing up, I suffered from self esteem and body issues. It was not until my mid-twenties when I started to love who I am as a woman. I have always preached to my students that no matter what size they are or what age, they could dance. Many of my students would point to DVD covers and say “No one looks like me. All dancers look like that”. So I took to the internet to find examples of beautiful dancers at all sizes. This is how I discovered Belly Dance at Any Size.

What qualities do you admire most in other dancers?

I admire dancers who are creative and not afraid to go out on a limb every now and then. I also admire passionate dancers as much as I admire dancers who have excellent technique. When I see a dancer that combines both qualities: I cannot help but smile.

What has been your greatest belly dance achievement?

My greatest belly dance achievement has to be the fact that I am still dancing. I had a horrific car accident in 2009 and I was not given much of a chance to dance due to the injuries I sustained. I was told not to expect to be my former self for years to come. Hearing those words from multiple doctors really tore me apart and sent me into a deep depression. Yet the thought of not being able to dance is what pushed me through my two years of rehabilitation. I would not give up. It is five years later and I dancing my heart out and I can do just about everything I did before the accident skill wise.

What is your biggest challenge as it relates belly dance?

Due to my accident, I lack strength in my right hand which greatly affects my zilling abilities. I can only play for very short period and even afterwards, I am in pain for long periods. I continue to work on building my strength with my re-built hand so that I can get back to playing my heart out.

If you were told you could never belly dance (or dance at all) again, what outlet would pick to unleash your creativity?

I would unleash my creativity (and all it’s might) into sewing. I love to sew and I can get a little obsessive at times. If I couldn’t dance, I would go into costume making full time and sew day and night.

What is your most treasured belly dance possession?

I have a purple and black caftan that was a birthday gift from my mother to wear as my costume cover up. It’s a little big for me and I have made a new one to replace it. However, my mother is no longer with me, so wearing the cover up she gave me, always makes me feel like she’s dancing with me in heaven. I will keep it until it falls apart (in which case, I will probably fix it).

Find out more about Kelebek at www.Kelebekfusion.com.

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