Belly Dance Photographer Directory Listing

Looking for a photographer who specializes in belly dancers? Looking for someone who is body-positive and has agreed to provide photography services for belly dancers free of body shaming, bullying or harassment of any kind? The photographers on this listing have promised to provide a comfortable and safe environment for dancers regardless of their age, weight, shape, ability, race, gender/gender identity or sexual orientation.

Names are listed by region/country and then by alphabet.

United States

Mid Atlantic

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The Dancers Eye – Fine Art Bellydance Photography
Carrie Meyer
St. Louis, MO
Services: In studio, On location, At special events (shows, workshops, haflas, etc.)
Rates: Standard One Hour sessions start at $165 and includes a USB Key of six touched-up and finished images (blemishes removed, skin tone corrected, etc.).
Areas served: United States (but will willingly go to almost anywhere!)

Dancers-Eye-1v Dancers-Eye-2v Dancers-Eye-3v


Peter Paradise Photography
Peter Paradise Michaels
Springfield, MA
Services:  In studio, On location, At special events (shows, workshops, haflas, etc.)
Rates: Packages typically range from $99-$499.
Areas served:  New England and eastern Canada. Willing to travel the US and the world.

peter-paradise-v1 peter-paradise-v2 peter-paradise-v3

South central

Easy Street Images Photography
Addison C Carey III
Irving, TX
Services: On location, At special events (shows, workshops, haflas, etc.)
Rates:  $50.00 per hour + travel costs for photo shoots outside of Dallas/Fort Worth area.
Areas served:  Dallas/Fort Worth area

easy-street-1v easy-street-2v easy-street-3v


Studio Jaki Photography
Jaki Hawthorne
Lilburn, GA
Services: In studio, On location, At special events (shows, workshops, haflas, etc.)
Rates: Local event portraits sessions start at $150 per hour.
Areas served: Atlanta and all surrounding areas of the Southeastern USA

jaki-hawthorne-1v jaki-hawthorne-2v jaki-hawthorne-3v

West – Mountains

Ron Brewer Images
Ron Brewer
Phoenix, AZ
Services: In studio, On location
Rates: One free high resolution digital image per session. High Resolution digital images are $120 each. I periodically run a sale on digital images, often giving up to a 50% discount, depending on the number of images purchased.
Areas served: Will travel. Location fees and minimum purchase policy will apply.

Shannon Marie Conklin and Claire Millerby Ron Brewer Images Claire Millerby Ron Brewer Images

West – Pacific

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Australia & New Zealand

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Middle East

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