Videos of the Month: Size diversity shown in group performances

written by Andalee on February 7, 2014 in Videos of the Month with no comments

This is our first Videos of the Month and there were some great submissions…so great in fact, that I am including all of them! The challenge was to share videos that feature size diversity in group performances. I’ve found that belly dance troupes are some of the most size-diverse dance groups around. Plus it’s important to share that it’s possible to look cohesive and polished no matter the range of sizes! I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I did.

Please note that the videos are in no particular order.

Thuraya Troupe submitted by Gisela

Comments: We are Thuraya Troupe and have been dancing together for about four years. We don’t have a particular leader and we either take turns making the choreographies or make them together. Within the group we are several differnt styles and very different sizes. We have loads of fun together!

Djinn Swizzle submitted by Amanda

Comments:This is a video of Djinn Swizzle (I’m the newest member in the video) dancing at our local Showcase.

Three Graces Entertainment Troupe Mirabella submitted by Beverly

Comments: Here we are! Troupe Mirabella of Three Graces Entertainment, all sizes, all shapes, all fabulous!

The Neighbourhood Strays

Comments: This video is from last year’s Dance on the Edge 5 show (May 2013). It was choreographed by TerriLynn Colford. The women in this troupe are from ages 23 to 46 and we may not be the same size, but we share our deep love for belly dance!

Anka Kusu submitted by Miriam

Comments: This is a recent video of a performance by Anka Kusu, the troupe of dancers and musicians that I direct. The dancers are all assorted heights and sizes – but we dance together as a wonderful cohesive group!

Vanya~E’dan submitted by Roslin Atreides

Khahari Belly Dance Collaborative submitted by Andalee

Comments: I couldn’t resist posting my own video! This is myself and my dancer partner Seher; together we dance as the Khahari Belly Dance Collaborative. We co-choreograph all of our dances and we love working together!


Wasn’t that awesome?! Now, for February’s theme: Videos of dancers of color in celebration of Black History Month. You can submit your videos here.


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Andalee is the founder of Belly Dance at Any Size. She is an Oriental dancer and instructor from Durham, NC, now based in Montpellier, France. She has been dancing since 2005 and teaching since 2008. Her mission is to promote Oriental Dance (a.k.a. belly dance) as a respected and valid performance art.