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Please note: Belly Dance at Any Size is not accepting sponsorships at this time. Thanks for your interest.

Belly Dance at Any Size’s mission is to serve as a resource for building self-esteem and a positive body image for belly dancers. We’ll achieve this mission by creating unique content written by several talented writers. Our articles not only serve a particular untapped niche in the belly dance market, the site is also easily found on major search engines. We’re gaining new readers every day.

While our visitor numbers are small at this moment, our readership is ever growing. Check out some of our most recent numbers from Google Analytics:

  • The receives approximately 3,000 unique visitors each month
  • In the first 6 months of 2015 the site had nearly 19,000 unique visitors who visited 36,190 pages
  • Variations on “plus size belly dancer” generate the most clicks via search
  • Most of our readers come from the U.S. with the U.K., Canada, and Australia also ranking high

Becoming a sponsor at Belly Dance at Any Size will help your company reach this unique demographic and it shows your commitment to our mission of promoting belly dance to people of all shapes, sizes, ages, races and genders.

Types of sponsors wanted

  • Belly dance retailers who sell costume and clothing items in plus sizes
  • Costume supplies vendors (crystals, fringe, beading, etc)
  • Belly dancers who sponsor or promote workshops, events, shows, etc., especially those events that are open to anyone regardless of their shape, size, age, gender, etc.
  • Belly dance DVD and music suppliers and producers
  • Clothing retailers who specialize in plus size athletic wear
  • Dance supply retailers
  • Any company who is committed to our mission and has at least some connection to belly dance or the plus size industry

We will not accept ads for products such as diet pills or diet programs, drugs/supplments, multi-level marketing opportunities, exercise equipment, adult supplies/toys, tobacco, alcohol, computer equipment or phones, or anything prohibited by law. The owner of this site reserves the right to refuse any ad for any reason.

Sponsorship levels

Site-wide sponsorship

  •  Underwrite the cost of maintaining the entire site – $500 a year
    • See all affiliate links disappear (does not apply to other sponsors)
    • Your ad will display on the footer and sidebar of the site
    • You have the option to submit an advertorial post for your products/services (restrictions apply).
    • Your ad in each monthly newsletter for the duration of your sponsorship
    • Your logo on all collateral print materials (such as postcards/flyers) that may be created to promote Belly Dance at Any Size.

Footer advertisements

  • 200 x 200 pixel box that appears on the footer of every page of the website.* – $20 per month
  • 200 x 60 pixel box that appears on the footer of every page of the website* – $10 per month

Side bar advertisements

  • 200 x 200 pixel box that appears on the side bar of every page and post (not on homepage)* – $15 per month

Below post advertisements

  • 600 x 90 box at the bottom of selected articles* – $10 per 5 placements per month.  Andalee will work with you to select the best placements. A $10 premium will be added for those who wish to place advertisements on the 5 most popular articles on the website.

Manifesto listing sponsorship

  • Add your logo or picture to your manifesto listing/signature and get bumped to the top of the list for your state – $25 per year

Please contact me using the form below to discuss your advertising needs. Payments may be made online securely via PayPal or Square. You may pay for all months up front or be billed monthtly. Note: we must receive at least one payment before placing any advertisements.

Other advertising options may be available. Please contact Andalee if you have any ideas about how you’d like to sponsor Belly Dance at Any Size.


In order to track the success of your campaigns on Belly Dance at Any Size each add will use the Google Analytics URL Builder to create links that will you will be able to track in Google Analytics. This requires that you have Google Analytics installed on your website. Andalee will work with you to create the best campaign parameters for your placements.

* Belly Dance at Any Size uses a responsive web design, therefore ads may decrease in size or appear differently based on the device you are using or the resolution of your screen.