Start 2017 off right with these belly dance affirmations

written by Andalee on December 19, 2016 in General and Healthy for life with 2 comments

Belly Dance AffirmationsI’m not a big fan of making new year’s resolutions, but I do take some time each new year to set and reevaluate my life goals. One thing that I would like to work on in 2017 is being less negative about my belly dancing and my body.

A great way to quiet that inner negative self-talk and doubt is to use affirmations. Affirmations are phrases that evoke positive intentions and motivation. They can be used daily each morning, or before your dance practice.

I was invited to participate in a very special project to create affirmations for the belly dance community and now is a great time to try them out and set my mind up for success in 2017. The best news is that you can try them with me!

I’ve created several affirmation along with 4 other dancers from around the world and they are available to download at each dancer’s website, in a digital treasure hunt. Visit every dancer’s page to see how they used the affirmation cards and download their PDF file! There are five sheets of affirmations waiting for you to get started!

The affirmation cards are available in black and white to make printing easier. You can print them on regular paper and create a beautiful craft project. I had some old magazines laying around, so I created my affirmation cards using beautiful images. Just this project alone is sure to inspire you!

Download my affirmation cards here.

Participating Dancers


Falling in love with the music and movements of belly dance is what got Kyria started, inspiring her students by teaching belly dance is what keeps her going. She is available for classes, workshops and performances in the Utrecht area in The Netherlands. After teaching weekly classes for over a decade she figured it was time to reach out to dancers all over the world and offer resources to students, teachers and performers on Her first Kickstarter will go live in February 2017, featuring Belly Dance Practice Dice.

Visit Kyria’s website for her affirmations.


Khalida is a multi-award winning professional belly dance performer and instructor, born in Belgium and living in Germany. She currently offers personal coaching, instructional dvd’s and workshops as well as high-quality performances.  In August 2017 she hosts the first Movespiration congress in Wurselen, Germany. The goal of this weekend is to share her biggest discoveries, learnings and inspirations of the past year(s) in dance and movement in the form of a 2-day movement and dance intensive, featuring guest classes/workshops from teachers from different movement disciplines/arts, as well as personalised (belly)dance technique and movement guidance.

Visit Khalida’s website for her affirmations.

maoMao Murakami

Mao Murakami is the founder of a DIY belly dance costume website, Sparkly Belly, where belly dancers can learn to sew and DIY their own costumes, even if they are new to sewing!

She turned her love of belly dance and costumes into one website, empowering belly dancers with sewing and DIY skills, and help them feel beautiful and confident on stage. What’s belly dancing without sparkly costumes that celebrate your uniquely beautiful body? 😉

Check out her free tutorials (65 of them and counting!) at

Visit Sparkly Belly for Mao’s affirmations.

zahraZahra Zuhair

International performer, workshop instructor, and choreographer, Zahra is world renowned for her knowledge, authenticity, and dedication to the art of Middle Eastern dance. Raised in raqs sharqi from a young age, Zahra is known for her musicality and classic, elegant style. She is the artistic director of PoNaNa Dance Theatre (loosely meaning a blend of many things) and has written and choreographed productions intertwining Arabian tales and dance, since 1997. Los Angeles, California has been Zahra’s home base since 1984, where she has been one of LA’s most esteemed teachers for many years. Her always-evolving style keeps students, old and new, coming back for more.

Visit Zahra Zuheir’s website for her affirmations.

About Andalee

Andalee is the founder of Belly Dance at Any Size. She is an Oriental dancer and instructor from Durham, NC, now based in Montpellier, France. She has been dancing since 2005 and teaching since 2008. Her mission is to promote Oriental Dance (a.k.a. belly dance) as a respected and valid performance art.