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written by Yasaman Vrd’dhi on March 30, 2013 in Costuming for any size and Plus size belly dancers with 15 comments

yasaman-yellow2Who here is a well-endowed belly dancer? I am and I have suffered for it many times. The forlorn part was that the negative energy wasn’t coming from my audience, but from my “sisters” in dance. To be honest, I prefer it when people talk to me directly and not behind my back, because that is not adult–that is adolescents at best. It would be one thing if I had been rude or uncaring to my audience or my host, but never once has that happened. I have heard things like, “You have too much cleavage showing,” or “You shimmied your chest too much.”

Well, I’m sorry, but what would you like for me to do? In my dance style my costuming uses a bra for the top. I understand that there are lines that should not be crossed, but never once have I crossed them. I make sure that when I design my costumes I will not have a spill, and let’s not go into the fact that at times when I do a shoulder shimmy I may get a bit of a chest shimmy.

The point is that we all have different body types, and I won’t be told that I have too much cleavage to perform. My costuming choices show cleavage and that’s the way it is. Having a chest this size is no walk in the park, after all being well-endowed gives me back issues, not to mention how I have to sleep and how it affects my dance movement. The list goes on. I’ve learned to live with my body and I love who I am. No, it’s not always easy to get there, but when you love the temple you’re in (your body), then you become a lot happier–well-endowed and all.

Costuming as a well-endowed dancer can be frustrating at times, like shopping for new tops, bodysuits, etc. It takes hours upon hours to find something suitable, and even when we finally find something we like, it may not fit us the way we want. It’s just not easy. My two most hated things to see when I go shopping for bras is not being able to find sizes larger than DD, and the large jump in price when they do carry larger cup sizes. It is ridiculous. One reason I started designing belly dance bras and belly dance costumes is due to things of this nature. There are many things we go through as well-endowed dancers, and I just wish finding the right size bra in my local store was not one of them.

All that being said I am well-endowed and there is no changing that. Not that I want too, nor do I have plans to change for anyone. I love myself for who I am and I feel we all should love ourselves as we are. If you want to make changes, then do them for the right reasons…do them for you. Feel free to share your stories here, things you have gone through as a well-endowed dancer, and tips for all of us to share.

One tip I follow when performing is that I wear a supportive bra under my bodysuit or fishnet (if you do not wear a bodysuit, then just another bra). I then put my costume bra on top of that. You will want to sit up high and have great support. Not only will this help your posture, it will also make your torso look longer and give you more space for those belly rolls. To help avoid “spills” I recommend the O-ring style bras or halter as they hold the bra to you more.



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Yasaman is a professional performing dance artist in Maryland. She performs for many different venues in and around Maryland and has done so for the past seven years. Known for her dramatic and passionate performances, she believes in creating on stage. Yasaman's dance style is a Fusion form and dance has been a part of her life for 19 years. Her study has been in Classic Middle Eastern dance, Fusion belly dance, hip hop, Modern dance, Native American dance and martial arts.